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  • In the midst of the digital revolution

    with the greenest of all green products

    Since the beginning of mankind, knowledge and culture has been documented and recorded by hand - in the Bronze Age cave paintings, on papyrus in antiquity, in the annals of Christian monasteries on animal vellum. This process was radically changed by the Gutenberg printing press. Today digital printing consumes millions of tons of paper at tremendous environmental cost to our planet.

    The traditional book now faces another revolution - or rather, this is already happening:

    The printed paper book - ever at home on the bookshelf or in luggage, our cultural companion from childhood – today is transformed into bits and bytes and is virtually available anywhere and at no ecological cost.

    Virelin takes straight advantage of the "transformation of the paper book into the digital age". We are launching as the German language eBook market in its nascence, and is soon expected to eclipses published works. We are in an enviable position, to capture and hold a powerful position within a proven, exponentially growing, new market.

    With World of Digitals we provide a powerful online presence including a cutting edge Internet bookstore where hundreds of thousands of digital products are already available for sale.

    This shop will be promoted by affiliates who are member of Virelin Marketing Network.

    e-books promise
    to revolutionize
    the way the world reads.

    The World Wide Web offers
    an amazingly flexible way
    to deliver books in bits.

    Bill Gates, 1999
    "Beyond Gutenberg"
  • Philosophy

    Profitability and sustainability

    Culture, mission and strategy of the Virelin Group present the background of their virtual digital field of activity - the Internet. Our social environment is the "whole world" beyond national and cultural boundaries.

    Our business model is characterized by a high degree of automation of business processes with the back up of a high motivated and creative team.

    A superb model of corporate culture is the highest possible "integration of life and work" for each employee and his identification with the company.

    When choosing locations Virelin makes use of available satellite Internet connection. This can be installed anywhere in the world and corporate locations can be selected for high attractiveness to employees.

    The Virelin image is following the maxime that personal talents, development potential and social skills through certification and third-party assessments are focused and available.

    Our management philosophy is defined by the "power of the unanimous decision" and the "struggle for the better argument".

    At Virelin, we are committed to doing our part to help support renewable energy programs and minimizing the impact that our business has on the environment.

    Sustainability and conservation of natural resources shape our economy: Each digitally delivered book avoids damage to the environment and health caused by paper production, or logistics. Our business model claims positive balance of resources to add energy self-sufficiency and CO2 compensation. Our shareholders will be proud to say "our profit is not caused by wasting environmental sources and nature".

    The profit
    of our shareholders
    does not arise
    at the expense of
    the environment.
    Digital products
    are the greenest
    out of all green products.

    Mission Statement
    Virelin, Inc.
  • Stock

    high dividends due to scalable business model

    The Virelin, Inc. shares are provided with high earning potentials, but are not yet listed on a public stock exchange. This is anticipated for 2014.

    Virelin shareholders originate from the group of employees and external investors, who actively participate in our company.

    Investors are invited to register.

  • Virelin Group

    best positioned – international globally

    Virelin, Inc. is a corporation under the laws of the State of Florida, USA.

    Close to the markets, the economic of local advantages (such as low wages or tax incentives), the best production staff and our social responsibility lead our business to multiple locations and subsidiaries.

  • Management

    Experts in marketing & technology

    For Virelin a stable corporate culture is essential and absolutely necessary for success and survival in a rapidly changing market.

    Creativity and professional skills, social relationship skills, commitment and enthusiasm are more important than professional application forms or otherwise accomplished success.

    The Virelin business model is not known so far to us as yet realized elsewhere. Each employee must therefore be able to think and realize innovation offering team-oriented manner in all situations. For this reason, much emphasis was placed on compiling the management team observing the interpersonal component.

  • Corporate Social Responsability

    Exemplary commitment

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Virelin Group as a US-based company is not only important in its visibility, but also for the cultural identity of the workforce.

    Furthermore, CSR is an important marketing tool for us.

    "Virelin Foundation, Inc." is a corporate foundation of Virelin Group to be set up in the beginning of 2013 with 2 million shares to shareholders as a nonprofit "Non-Governmental Organization" and directed by the President of Virelin, Inc., supported by a Board of Directors which presents honorable members of public life.

    For financing and capitalizing the Virelin Foundation basic binding principals are followed and respected as globally valid for international development cooperations:

    0.7% of all Virelin Inc. revenues will be transmitted from 2014 to the Virelin Foundation which also funds from dividend income of its share package and donations / endowments of others.

  • Products

    purely digital and virtual

    Virelin deals exclusively with digital, non-physical products. They consist of "Bits & Bytes", move no parcel service and can be completely automated distributed via the internet.

    Digital products have diverse advantages:

    • Very low to almost no cost
    • Arbitrarily be replicated (with copy protection))
    • No storage costs
    • No additional costs
    • No expiration date
    • Easy to update
    • Geographically boundless range

    Except for the server energy requirements, these products do not waste natural resources - they are almost the "greenest of green products."

    These include eBooks, audiobooks (audio books), digital magazines, subscription products, video courses, music and much more - anything that can be moved via download from a server to a PC or SmartPhone or eBook reader systems.

    Virelin pursued - unlike competitors - not the strategy of providing customers with proprietary systems to chain. We sell from publishers offered formats such as PDF, ePUB, MP3, etc., which are usable on each (Tablet) PC / Laptop / SmartPhone. Linked to market developments, we are prepared to offer our customers low, but non-proprietary hardware.

  • Sustainability

    Green vision – green mission

    The Virelin approach is to minimize the energy consumption where ever it is possible at all sites with simultaneous use of renewable energy sources. Using state of the art technology we are able to achieve efficient power supply and the best possible reduction of uncontrolled heat loss. We go for non fashionable and superfluous processing.

    Our servers are provided by high performance IT centers, which are mainly powered by hydroelectric energy sources. More Virelin environmentally oriented initiatives are giving support to help to avoid tons of CO2 emissions.

    All communication with clients (eg invoices) is done digitally via the Internet. With thousands of new customers every month Virelin achieved a considerable saving of natural resources - with no loss to our customers!

    Management and staff realize with pride the Virelin passion for the protection of natural resources.

The Virelin Marketing-Principle
  • Products from leading publishers

    Virelin sells high-quality digital products from leading publishers: eBooks, audiobooks and more - available in the download shop World of Digitals.

  • Affiliates with their own websites

    The members of the marketing network make the offer know. They offer our wide range of products - to match the context of their sites.

  • Endusers with a laptop/smartphone

    If a purchase is considered: the customer is just 3 clicks away from the desired item. All popular online payment methods are supported.