• Effective distribution
    for digital publishing products

    Virelin merchandises digital products,
    such as eBooks, audio books and
    other digitally distributed products.

    Vendors of numerous
    digital products can use
    our services.

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  • Great range of coverage
    within emerging markets

    Our own affiliate network combined with
    our expertise in internet marketing:

    Virelin places digital products
    with precision and broad reach.

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  • Strong performance
    for consumers

    Our broad product portfolio is available
    for all popular devices.

    Intelligent search functionality and plenty of
    complimentary free products are great benefits
    for our customers.

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  • Attractive commissions
    for our affiliates

    For webmasters we are not just a new income source,
    since we also provide valuable trainings and services
    to improve business.

    In addition they receive plenty of valuable information
    regarding monetarization of their websites.

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  • Big profits
    for share holders

    high margins and an extensively
    automated sales process:

    that is how we will achieve attractive
    and permanent dividends for our share holders.

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  • Amidst the digital revolution

    with the greenest of all green products

    Virelin deals exclusively with non-physical digital products that consist of bits and bytes. Those products do not require a parcel service - instead they are delivered fully automated via the internet.

    Besides power for our servers no natural resources are spent. This is true for eBooks, audio books, digital magazines, video lessons, music files and many other products that can be downloaded to a PC or smartphone.

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  • World
    of Digitals

    thousands of digital products

    In our online shop World of Digitals consumers will find high-quality products that can be directly downloaded. Up to 1,000 new releases are added daily to our assortment.

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  • Affiliate

    well interconnected

    "World of Digitals Affiliate Network" integrates websites as distribution partners. Context sensitive advertising places the right product with the right target. Our affiliate network uses the traffic of partners.

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  • IT &

    high-tech for online business

    Powerful servers and individually optimized software algorithms need the best IT professionals. Virelin system administrators and programmers ensure 100% security and usability.

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  • Traffic

    steadily growing streams of visitors

    A separate business division will take appropriate measures to generate high volume visitor streams for our online shop. This includes social media, viral effects and search engine optimization.

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  • Content

    high-quality contents

    Our editorial journalists and media experts will create high-quality content for all our websites. In addition they create new digital products that are professionally researched and published.

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  • After Sales

    Customers demand more

    Virelin wants lifetime customers. Our software monitors the needs of buyers, informing them about new products. Best customer information is turning our customers into company ambassadors.

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