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  • Virelin Marketing Network

    Much in common with digital products

    Affiliates play a central and significant role in generating targeted traffic. Only in Germany, 14.5 million domains are registered. Numerous website owners wish to have a monetization of their sites.

    Virelin is offering these partners the following:

    • to register for free in the "Virelin Marketing Network".
    • then integrate the code of an advertisement on their page
    • the Virelin servers automatically populate the advertising with suitable digital products from our digital shop "World of Digitals"
    • visitors to their sites see attractive digital products that exactly fit the content they are reading
    • in the event of a sale of a digital product, the partner receives an attractive commission (10-12%, competitors are offering 4-9%)

    Our partners are offered professional and intensive assistance and ways to monetize their sites to expand an ongoing passive income stream. They are supervised by a most experienced team and continuously qualified.

  • Commissions for Affiliates

    Our Efficiency - attractive ommissions for our partner network

    Affiliates provide an important factor in our distribution system: the flow of visitors to your websites.

    This flow of visitors is converted into buyers of our products. The pro rata assignment of your traffic to sales is rewarded with attractive commissions paid by Virelin.

    The effective amount of commission is determined by

    • the number of visitors to the partners site: increasing the number of your visitors by appropriate traffic measures will increase the total commission
    • the placement of the advertisement: The more attractive it is presented, the more visitors will be interested in the products offered by Virelin
    • the conversion rate of visitors into buyers: Here you can continually optimize
    • the price of the purchased product

    "Virelin Marketing Network" offers you

    • 10-12% commission on the price of each product sold, depending on the amount of the achieved sales of one month
    • payment of commissions via PayPal - also available daily
    • prospective protection with sophisticated and modern software mechanisms (cookies, IP tracking, etc.)
    • expert guidance by our affiliate managers, with nothing more at heart than to increase your traffic and your sales

    Find out today about all the details by registering free and without obligation at the "Virelin Marketing Network"!

  • Your digital publishing products

    On the way to the consumer

    Do your customers still read on paper - or do they turn away from the printed book toward the digital book as the adjacent photo represents?

    Virelin is strong in sales of digital tracks. Our digital shop "World of Digitals" is the fast developing platform. We work closely with the specific wholesaler and our inventory list may already have your digital tracks available.

    Fundamentally, digital products of any kind fit for a distribution agreement: eBooks, audiobooks, music, videos, software and much more. Virelin's particular strength is in digital books.

    Even with self-publishing authors, we would work together, provided the products meet the highest standards of large publishers.

    Bring your products via "World of Digitals" into the market!

    For a discussion of your "digital product strategy", we are happy to help. Please use our contact form!

  • Our Sales

    Powerful and right to the end customer

    In the past 10 years, the distribution systems for printed products have changed dramatically. A probably smaller share of consumers is still going into the "good old book store" to buy products worth reading. The trend to buy publishing products online is undiminished.

    Added to this is the real dramatic change in product form - from the physical to the virtual, digital product. This change also means a whole new constellation of distribution classifications: As a publisher, you need no storage and no more logistics. Book wholesalers become ultimately dispensable.

    Instead, coverage of the Internet and state-of-the-art, software-based distribution technologies become the mission-critical moments. Virelin is exactly specialized on this with the digital shop "World of Digitals"!

    Feel free to contact us! With an agreement on the distribution of your publications, we are interested to work directly with publishers.

    We offer many advantages for publishers:

    • listed in one of the largest digital download stores ("World of Digitals")
    • international reach by our own affiliate network "Virelin Marketing Network"
    • guaranteed contractual price policy
    • "on-the-fly" actionable marketing campaigns, such as our e-newsletter or referral programs
    • industry standard DRM systems to protect your intellectual rights

    In addition to recording your digital publishing products in our portfolio, we are particularly interested to market your new releases and to allow them a broad market launch. Our "Virelin Marketing Network" offers the opportunity to make a couple of days its entire range exclusively accessible for your products. To make a worthwhile new digital titles known in no time!

    Please use our contact form!

  • Your projects

    On the path to commercialization

    Who does not dream as an author to market the result of own intellectual effort and to generate an attractive residual income?

    Member of Virelin Group is the "Digital Produkte AG" in Germany with its own publishing house specialized in digital products.

    Being an author, you can discuss your plans with us and produce publications tailored based on an author's contract, your manuscript. Not only books are meant to - every form of multimedia publication can find our interest.

    This opens some interesting benefits:

    • We will produce your project in a professional manner - from editorial to production of all digital media up to tests in the market
    • Your product obtains direct access to the wide-reaching distribution channel "World of Digitals"
    • Thanks to our unit of publishing and marketing, you get a reasonable higher royalty than with traditional publishing

    Please use our contact form!

The Virelin Marketing-Principle
  • Products from leading publishers

    Virelin sells high-quality digital products from leading publishers: eBooks, audiobooks and more - available in the download shop World of Digitals.

  • Affiliates with their own websites

    The members of the marketing network make the offer know. They offer our wide range of products - to match the context of their sites.

  • Endusers with a laptop/smartphone

    If a purchase is considered: the customer is just 3 clicks away from the desired item. All popular online payment methods are supported.